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Diversified Funds management

An investment management approach that prioritizes stock picking for equities and risk control for bonds.

We build portfolios based on a variety of asset classes and geographic regions. The investment process leverages our portfolio managers’ complementary areas of expertise.

Assets are allocated in keeping with the different objectives of stocks and bonds: stocks carry a certain risk, they historically deliver performance and protect against inflation; bonds, offer liquidity, low credit risk and low volatility.

Asset allocation is determined by analyses of economic factors and by our managers’ fundamental assessment in all geographic areas in which we invest.

Annualized Composite performance over rolling
5-year period –

Investment Strategy Risk Indicator Equity exposure
as of 30th june 2024
annualized over 5 years
Balanced with low risk EQUITY 0-30% 3 27% 2.02%
Balanced with medium risk EQUITY 30-80% 4 62% 4.08%
Balanced with high risk EQUITY 50-100% 5 71% 4.60%
Equity with high risk EQUITY 80-100% 6 90% 8.08%

Cumulative composite Performance over rolling
5-year period –

jun 2019 jun 2020 jun 2021 jun 2022 jun 2023 jun 2024
equity 0-40%
equity 50-100%
equity 80-100%

* Performance presented here are calculated using a composite indicator of all current portfolios managed according to the same stocks/bonds allocation. Performance is measured monthly over a rolling five-year period, in euros. Figures include reinvested dividends and are net of management fees.

This page is strictly for informational purposes and should not be considered a bid or offer, nor should it be interpreted as investment advice. Past performance presented herein are based on figures from past years, and cannot be considered as predictive of future performance, nor constitute a guarantee for current or future performance.

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