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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria at each stage of the investment process and for all assets managed
100% of our equity and balanced investment fund with the French public SRI label
Funds managed by Mansartis are classified as “Article 8” or “article 9” under the new European regulations (SFDR)


Since 1982, Mansartis has incorporated extra-financial criteria into its investment management process.

The development of extra-financial analysis and the emergence of new specialized players, on which it is possible to rely, have enabled us to go further in taking into account extra-financial ESG criteria and obtain SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) certification for equity and balanced investment funds, thereby strengthening our responsible investment policy.

Beyond individual and collective responsibility in the future of our environment, we expect a responsible investment policy to contribute to improving the financial performance of our portfolios. A company concerned about its governance, transparency and the quality of its information, which takes into account the sustainability of its growth strategy and respects its environment and its ecosystem must, over time, ensure a better economic return for its shareholder. It thus also reduces the risk of accidents, fraud or controversy prejudicial to its development.



Mansartis has determined an investment universe from which are excluded companies whose activities are controversial and/or incompatible with respect for people and the environment (addictions, weapons, coal production, etc.) and companies that are the subject of controversy, taking into account their level of importance.


While the assessment of quality and growth remains the first criterion for selecting a company, an in-depth systematic and formalized qualitative analysis is also carried out on ESG criteria each time a stock is introduced into portfolios. The objective is to have an average ESG rating of the portfolio that is higher than the average ESG rating of the investable universe. The ESG rating is carried out by an independent organization.


A dialogue policy and a voting policy that supports and encourages proposals that promote corporate social responsibility. The investment managers support actions that contribute to the transparency and publication of environmental policies, or any other actions that aim to improve information relating to the sustainability of activities such as recycling, the use of aquatic resources, or any environmental impact of activities, etc.


Mansartis has selected indicators that make it possible to measure and monitor, over time, the ESG commitment of the companies held in the portfolio. The main indicators monitored are carbon intensity, the percentage of companies that have signed the UN Global Compact, the presence in the company of an environmental policy certified by an independent body, the independence of advice, the social requirements suppliers and the employee health and protection system


European Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 SFDR entered into force on March 10, 2021. Its objective is to harmonize and standardize the publications of finance professionals in terms of sustainability in order to make them more comparable with each other.

Within the framework, one of the first steps for investment management companies is to define the classification of its products according to their characteristics. As a dynamic player in sustainable finance, Mansartis has chosen to categorize all of its management under “Article 8” or “Article 9” of the regulation.

The Regulation also defines adverse impacts (PAI) as the impact that investment decisions may have on sustainability factors (in terms of environment and social, respect for human rights man and the fight against corruption). Mansartis will take into account the PAI gradually, as data becomes available in sufficient quantity and quality on the market.

Regulatory information documentation on Mansartis SRI investment management (in French):

Other regulatory information for which documentation is available at the level of each funds web page:

  • Quaterly ESG fund factsheet
  • Transparency code
  • Vote report
  • Annual ESG report
  • Engagement report

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