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Asia’s economies are in the midst of a transition phase, heading towards an era of growth that will be increasingly powered by domestic consumption.
Joachim JanAsia Pacific Equity Fund Manager

Cumulative performance
as of 28th april 2023

  2023 1 month 3 months 1 year 3 years 5 years
MANSARTIS ASIE ISR -4.59% -3.82% -10.83% -7.12% -2.39% -2.02%
MSCI ASIA (ex-Japan) NR EUR -0.76% -3.02% -6.85% -9.72% 9.49% 8.95%

Net Asset Value
as of 28th april 2023


Investment Strategy

Asia today is the world’s largest economic zone, home to more than 60 percent of the earth’s population. The region is enjoying vigorous economic growth, fast-paced urban development, and the emergence of a broad middle class. Asia’s economies are in the midst of a transition phase, heading towards an era of growth that will be increasingly powered by domestic consumption. In that regard, the region offers unrivaled prospects for growth. Asian exports still represent some 40 percent of the world’s total exports, comprising not only manufactured goods but also state-of-the-art technologies. Owing to their size and liquidity, Asian stock markets offer significant investment opportunities. Mansartis manages a portfolio based on strong convictions, built independently of the reference index and composed of some 50 Asian companies (excluding Japan) in which we have invested for the long term. We seek out growth companies in sectors with high barriers to entry, leaders in their respective industries, with durable competitive advantage.

Main holdings
as of 30th april 2023

Samsung Electronics 6.4 %
Taiwan Semiconductor Adr 6.12 %
Tencent 5.96 %
TravelSky Technology 5.48 %
Aia Group 4.96 %
Vipshop 4.91 %
Eclat Textile 3.97 %
ANTA Sports Products 3.97 %
Alibaba Adr 3.9 %
Ping An Insurance 3.81 %

Geographical breakdown
as of 30th april 2023

CHINA 31.60 %
HONG KONG 23.52 %
TAIWAN 16.69 %
INDIA 11.00 %
Others 17.2 %

Sector breakdown
as of 30th april 2023

c.discretionary 35.43 %
technology 25.63 %
telecom. 12.47 %
finance 12.02 %
Others 14.45 %

Capitalisation breakdown
as of 30th april 2023

Large capitalisations : 69.03 % > 10 Billions
Mid capitalisations : 28.77 % 1 et 10 Billions
Small capitalisations : 2.22 % < 1 Billion

Risk indicator

Lower risk

Higher risk

The risk indicator is based on the assumption that you will hold the shares for at least 5 years. The risk indicator allows you to assess the level of risk of this product compared to others. This product is classified in risk class 4 out of 7, which is a medium-risk class. In other words, the potential losses associated with the product's future results beyond the 5 years are at a medium level


Liquidity risk: in the event that trading volumes on the financial markets are low, the manager may not be able to sell the securities quickly under satisfactory conditions, which has a more or less significant impact on the purchase and sale price and in certain circumstances the overall liquidity of the fund.

Counterparty risk: there is a risk that the counterparty may default on forward exchange contracts.

Guarantee: the investment funds carry no capital guarantee.

  • Isin : FR0007481429
  • Bloomberg code : VIGPGCA
  • Legal form : FCP (FR)
  • AMF Classification : International equities
  • Currency : Euro
  • Date of inception : 08/04/1994
  • Reference indicator : MSCI Asia ex Japan NR €
  • Custodian : CACEIS BANK
  • Valuation : Daily
  • Management fees : 2.5% MAXIMUM
  • Subscription fees : None
  • Redemption fees : None
  • Tax provision : Non PEA eligible

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